Floor Care Cleaning

Making hard floors look clean, shiny, and attractive, improving carpet appearance, and providing proper floor matting systems takes more than just equipment and chemicals...it takes skilled craftsmen. Building Services Group, Inc.'s Hard Floor Care Specialist has more than 25 years experience formulating the right programs to meet the performance needs of each specific environment.

Floor Care Services:
  • Floor Tile Stripping & Waxing
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Grout Cleaning
  • Wood Floor Care
  • Stone Floor Care including Terrazzo Grinding

Building Services Group, Inc. will:
  • Evaluate & Design Solutions by inspecting floors, determining the existing level of shine, and evaluating the current floor care program.
  • Implement the Solution by determining the most efficient and effective floor prep; by deep scrubbing or stripping the floor; and by re-coating the floor with appropriate coats of finish.
  • Maintain the Solution by providing detailed cleaning nightly, by training our customer's employees on specific floor maintenance, and by providing advice on proper mattng to maintain shine.
  • Design and Provide proper floor matting system to prolong the life of your newly treated floor.

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