Read what our current employees have to say about Building Services Group!

"Walking into Building Services for the first time, I was greeted right away with nothing but smiles, kindness, and good conversation. After hearing and talking about Building Services Group, immediately I felt comfortable. Right away I knew this would be the company I would want to be a part of. To be surrounded by people with just those qualities and more makes for such an environment that I would want to be around. It is exactly what I needed. Not only does BSG notice hard work but they acknowledge and appreciate it. This makes me want to continue working for Building Services Group. As for anyone who is interested in becoming part of BSG I would tell them that out of all the companies I have worked for, BSG is by far the best. Everything that you would want in a company and work environment BSG has."

- Dominique
"I chose Building Services Group mainly because of the competitive wages, the opportunity to advance throughout the company, and some of the full time benefits like paid holidays and paid vacation. I had many choices for employment, but those three reasons made Building Services Group attract my attention immensely. I continue working for Building Services Group because of the advancement opportunities that have been offered to me over the past few years. I started as a custodian but was recently promoted to a Field Trainer. I now get the pleasure of helping new employees learn about Building Services Group and what we take pride in doing everyday! I would simply say that Building Services Group is a great place to work. If you want a competitive paying career with great benefits and opportunities to advance, then Building Services Group is just for you!"

- Brandon
"At the time I was working at another company and I hated it. One of my friends told me I should go and apply where her Mom was working. I called BSG and was interviewed by my friend’s mom and hired on the spot. I gave my two weeks notice to my previous employer the next day. I started on Halloween in 1994 at the Greenville Elementary school. I enjoy my job and the people I work with. We are like a family. I would tell candidates it is a tough job but when you step back and look at how clean the room is or how the floor shines, it makes you feel good knowing you were responsible for that. I would also say welcome, we are glad to have you join us!"

- Sue